About Us

THINK Digital College is the first virtual school in South Africa offering both the CAPS and Cambridge curriculum.

Products & Pricing

Prices include all content and assessments, online tutor support, and access to our student discussion group.

Tutor Centres

Our tutor centres are all run by qualified THINK tutors. Children receive one-on-one support from qualified teachers.

Who can benefit from THINK?

Distance learning

It’s like having a personalised tutor on your smartphone or tablet. Learn in your own space at your own pace.

Extra lessons

The CAPS and Cambridge curriculum is covered and explained in an exciting, engaging manner. Use the content in preparation for your exams.


Improve teaching by accessing engaging content and effortlessly collaborating with your students online.


Join the education revolution and use THINK content to future-proof your classrooms.

High performance athletes / cultural students

THINK is ideal for high-performance athletes and culturally talented students who train and travel extensively – as long as they have their tablet with them, they have their tutor travelling along with them. The pressure of attending an 8 hour school day is removed and these talented children can live out their dreams while maintaining a successful online school career.