Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a free 14-day trial for you to explore our learning environment. Start your free trial now!

How does online learning work? Do I work at my own pace?

At any hour of the day, you can log onto your profile, access your subjects, work on assignments/projects and then submit your work to be marked. You will receive electronic feedback on your portal. You are encouraged to interact and collaborate with each other through our virtual classroom through blogs, discussion forums and other communication tools offered on the learner management system.

You are welcome to work ahead of the suggested schedule, but you must maintain a minimum pace to successfully complete the curriculum.

Is technology successful as a method of delivery for educational content?

Generation Z children are drawn to technology – why not use this to our benefit and use it to teach children? The aim of online education is not to match traditional classrooms but to improve it. Our content carefully balances video, animation and text. Although watching a video can be valuable, it is still a passive activity. For online learning to be successful, it needs to be engaging and interactive. At traditional schools, if a learner is bored or performs badly, he/she has failed. In technology, if the user is bored or performs badly, the product designers have failed. Our aim is to offer the most technologically advanced solution to ensure your child’s success.

Is alternative schooling permitted in South Africa?

Yes, alternative schooling is permitted in South Africa. THINK is registered with SACAI, the South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute, and follows the requirements for learners to obtain their National Senior Certificate.